Video to Go

Posted: April 17, 2012 in iOS

by Nancy Linger

This week I worked with both Animoto and Magisto to create videos 20-30 seconds in length.

Magisto offers a iphone app and online version for free.  It is quite simple.  You upload video files, you add your own video title, and you can select from an assortment of soundtracks.or upload your own audio file.  When the video is finished, you’ll receive an email.  Magisto creates the video from your uploads.  The good news is it is simple and effortless.  If you want more control, then another tool may be a better option.

When you upload a short video, you’ll be asked to upload more videos as magisto grabs clips from the video and only uses a portion of the actual video.  Long videos will allow many scene clips.  You can upload up to 16 videos (600 MB) or up to 15 minutes of video.

offers a similar product with a bit more control and offers an iphone app as well. It has multiple pricing levels, but I used the Lite version which is free.  It allows up to a 30-second video and requires no credit card.  In addition to uploading videos, you can upload images and add text.  You can apply a spotlight, rotate, and even sequence your videos, images, and text.  Animoto will publish the final version for you and add effects.  You can edit the order and images and republish.


Talk to Me

Posted: April 9, 2012 in iOS
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by Nancy Linger

There are a number of apps that will use audio.  Here are two.  One uses voice recognition to capture your words as text; the other captures your voice.

Dragon Dictation by Nuance allows you to talk to your mobile device and have your mobile device convert your words to text.  The text can be uploaded to facebook, Twitter, email, or copied.  If the dictation should create an error, you can use the keyboard to make corrections.  I was surprised by the accuracy at my first few attempts.  Be sure to leave a brief pause at the start and end of your dictation to avoid any words getting cut off.

Hokusai Audio Editor allows you to edit audio.  You can record multiple audio tracks, import audio (from Dropbox), and apply effects.  You can combine tracks by copy and paste, you can select audio to delete or modify.  A lot of features in this free package.  A pro version is also available for upgrade.  All the Help instructions are included with the app.

Gameplay for business

Posted: April 3, 2012 in iOS
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by Nancy Linger

Gamestorming Card Deck and Creativity  Lite are iOS apps based on books

Gamestorming Card Deck is based on the Gamestorming book by Dave Gray, Sunni Brown, and James Macanufo.  It provides a digital card deck with game strategies for generating ideas.  Select a card, flip it over, and follow the instructions for playing the game.  Works great in business brainstorming sessions. I used this and applied the HIT Matrix in my Communication Technology course.  It is a great idea source for both educational and business settings.  This was loaded on an iPad, but is set up for the iPhone in size format.

Creativity Lite app is based on the The Business Playground book by Dave Stewart and Mark Simmons  I installed the Lite version which only includes the first chapter.  The app includes an ebook version of the book.  Each chapter also includes a creativity game.  The game for the first chapter was engaging and interactive — yet simple.  Spin the wheel and your character moves format.  You may get a challenge to present an “elevator speech” to a neighboring player.  I already had the book and was familiar with the games, but playing them on the iPad was so much more inviting!