Gameplay for business

Posted: April 3, 2012 in iOS
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by Nancy Linger

Gamestorming Card Deck and Creativity  Lite are iOS apps based on books

Gamestorming Card Deck is based on the Gamestorming book by Dave Gray, Sunni Brown, and James Macanufo.  It provides a digital card deck with game strategies for generating ideas.  Select a card, flip it over, and follow the instructions for playing the game.  Works great in business brainstorming sessions. I used this and applied the HIT Matrix in my Communication Technology course.  It is a great idea source for both educational and business settings.  This was loaded on an iPad, but is set up for the iPhone in size format.

Creativity Lite app is based on the The Business Playground book by Dave Stewart and Mark Simmons  I installed the Lite version which only includes the first chapter.  The app includes an ebook version of the book.  Each chapter also includes a creativity game.  The game for the first chapter was engaging and interactive — yet simple.  Spin the wheel and your character moves format.  You may get a challenge to present an “elevator speech” to a neighboring player.  I already had the book and was familiar with the games, but playing them on the iPad was so much more inviting!


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