Talk to Me

Posted: April 9, 2012 in iOS
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by Nancy Linger

There are a number of apps that will use audio.  Here are two.  One uses voice recognition to capture your words as text; the other captures your voice.

Dragon Dictation by Nuance allows you to talk to your mobile device and have your mobile device convert your words to text.  The text can be uploaded to facebook, Twitter, email, or copied.  If the dictation should create an error, you can use the keyboard to make corrections.  I was surprised by the accuracy at my first few attempts.  Be sure to leave a brief pause at the start and end of your dictation to avoid any words getting cut off.

Hokusai Audio Editor allows you to edit audio.  You can record multiple audio tracks, import audio (from Dropbox), and apply effects.  You can combine tracks by copy and paste, you can select audio to delete or modify.  A lot of features in this free package.  A pro version is also available for upgrade.  All the Help instructions are included with the app.


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